Pearl Tone Face Wash
556.00 ₹ 795.00 ₹
30% Off

Pearl Tone Face Wash gently exfoliates, clears acne & lightens skin. Its pure and natural ingredients work wonders and eliminate dead skins, scar marks and acne from your epidermis.

Intense Nutri rich hair mask
629.00 ₹ 899.00 ₹
30% Off

Armed with rich botanicals, butters and nourishing oils, the Intense NutriRich Hair Mask mask boost volume and moisture while strengthening hair & alleviating dandruff. This mask also makes hair more manageable as it softens hair follicles and adds shine.

Stretch Marks Reduction Cream
767.00 ₹ 959.00 ₹
20% Off

Prismos- B Stretch Marks Reduction Cream is infused with opulent butter, actives and naturals moisturizes. It boosts collagen level, soothes and gives an even toned skin to enhance firmness and elasticity of the skin. Paving the way for soft & smooth skin!

Charcoal Peel- Off Mask
461.00 ₹ 659.00 ₹
30% Off

Charcoal Peel- Off Mask is infused with natural actives like Diatomaceous earth, Charcoal, and Aloe vera extract that exfoliates and detoxes the surface of the skin leaving it firm and fresh. The powders of Citrus fruits and Peppermint keeps the acne at bay and keeps the skin hydrated, soft and revitalized. 

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