Buy Best Prismos- B NAC Dietary Supplements Online

Prismos- B NAC

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Prismos-B’s NAC is a dietary supplement of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. It enhances immunity levels and detoxes body from inside with out any side an ideal immunity booster to ingest regularly to ensure protection from contagious diseases like COVID.


Buy Best Prismos- B NAC Dietary Supplements Online

Prismos-B NAC tablets are a prime source of antioxidants that boost immunity and detox the body. NAC(N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) is a stable structure of amino L-cysteine that stabilizes the production of protein molecules, boosts Glutathione levels and supports overall cellular health.

Key Benefits:

-Prime Anti-Oxidants

-Protects Lungs

-Increase Complexion

-Detoxifies Body

- N - Acetylcysteine

- HPMC (cellulose derivative) as capsule shell

- Silicone Dioxide

- Tricalcium Phosphate

-1-2 Capsules daily or as directed by your health professional

-Consult your physician before using it during pregnancy

6 Review For Prismos- B NAC
  • noimage.jpg

    Mallikarjun 20-11-2022

    Prismos-B’s NAC is a good supplement to increase the resistance levels.

  • noimage.jpg

    Rajasekhar gollu 02-12-2022

    Very good for daily health care for immune boosting n anti oxidant support

  • noimage.jpg

    Charan Shresht 07-12-2022

    very good product

  • noimage.jpg

    Samiksha Sujith 08-12-2022

    it has boosted my immunity and i could literally feel it, very good product

  • noimage.jpg

    Avigna Marunoori 09-12-2022

    Best pills for immunity boosting

  • noimage.jpg

    Jagadeesh.chaluvadi 27-12-2022

    Super immune boosting capsules.

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